Save the Date for a wedding postcard. There wasn't a big budget for invitations so the job was kept to 2-color printing using stock images. The purpose of this piece was to give the recipient a heads-up that there will be a party in the near future. But from a design standpoint, this was the first hint that this won't be traditional wedding reception. It would be a full-blown party held at an amusement park... And it wil be grand!
For the RSVP card, it was very easy for the recipient to mark whether or not they would be attending the party. It was important that the words play off of the images and vice versa.
A fun visual reminder to return the RSVP postcard.
Here is the Sideshow banner created by Johnny Meah, one of the few remaining original sideshow banner artists. This is a one of a kind 4' x 6' banner created on canvas made specifically for the bride and groom.
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